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ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!
ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!

Lifthor DJI FPV Goggles Battery Tray / Holder

Original price $69.99 - Original price $69.99
Original price
$69.99 - $69.99
Current price $69.99

Battery Tray / Holder for your DJI FPV Goggles - all made in aluminum.

You will now be able to properly mount the battery directly to your goggles, with a very easy and safe insert/removal of the battery itself. 
Or you can simply use it as a belt clip, equally simple, safe and convenient to handle the battery insert/removal. 
Finally, it also comes with a bracket for mounting it to our LifThor Loki Phone/Tablet Mount for DJI FPV if you prefer to have it all in one place - on your RC ;)