Mini 4 Pro

360° Coverage.

The Mini 4 Pro has APAS 5.0 (Advanced Pilot Assist System) which prevents collisions with objects by either braking, or automatically bypassing the objects in the way of the drone.

True 4K.

Despite the Mini 4 Pro's size it's no let down in capturing amazing photos and videos. The Mini 4 Pro can shoot up to 4K at a butter-smooth 100FPS, and can even shoot in vertical form.

All in One.

The Mini 4 Pro is available with DJI RC 2 remote which has a integrated all in one experience that provides a live video feed and telemetry that doesn't require a phone or even a Wi-Fi/Cellular Network after setup.

Shot On Mini 4 Pro

Not convinced of the Mini 4 Pro's power? Check out some sample reels below!

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