Inspire 3

True 8K.

The DJI Inspire 3 captures out of this world footage with its custom-tailored 8K sensor. The sensor (DJI X9-8K) Is capable of 8K/25 FPS with CinemaDNG, or 8K/75 FPS utilizing ProRes RAW. This sensor won't disappoint.

Built-in Storage.

The Inspire 3 is capable of capturing extremely high quality footage and for that reason it requires a substantial amount of media storage. With that in mind, the Inspire 3 utilizes a enclosed 1TB SSD for footage storage.

Ingenious Design.

The Inspire 3 is built tough, and built to last. It's equipped with carbon fiber landing legs and motors arms. All arm movement motors are enclosed within the chassis to prevent any foreign debris from entering and causing issues.

8K in all of its Glory.

Wondering how capable the Inspire 3 is with the X9-8K Camera? Take a look at some of the sample footage shot on the Inspire 3.

Discover the Inspire 3.

Master the Unseen.

The Inspire 3 intertwined with X9-8K provides a Hollywood-worthy shooting experience with extremely accurate and realistic color capture, and high frame rates at high resolutions which deliver out of this world footage. Click the button below to purchase the Inspire 3.

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