DJI M350

Long Flight Times.

The DJI M350 is intended for commerical applications which require flights that go far beyond line of sight, and subsequently require long flight times. The M350 delivers up to 55 minutes of flight time making it optimal for many commercial use cases.

Safety Systems.

The M350 doesn't cut corners when it comes to safety. The M350 is equipped with a sensor on each arm which insures that they are properly attached, in the case they are not, the pilot will be notified. The M350 is also equipped with a 1080p Night vision camera.


DJI's Enterprise series have always had vast capabilities and use cases which only continue to expand. The M350 provides best in class features, and capabilities giving application use cases from Oil field, to roof inspection and much more.

Limitless Applications.

The DJI M350 has countless applications in different fields. Some primary use cases of the M350 can be seen below.

M300 vs. M350

See the differences between the M350s predecessor, the M300.

DJI M350 RTK- Pre order -
DJI M350 RTK Sale priceFrom $10,209.00
Night Vision



Built-In Camera

Yes (960p)

Yes (1080p)

IP Rating




15 Km*

20 Km*

Flight Time

55 Minutes*

55 Minutes*

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