Air 3


Unlike the previous versions of the DJI Air Series, the Air 3 introduces a new camera system, boasting a dual camera setup. The Air 3 has a wide angle lens alongside a 3x Medium Tele camera, allowing you to get amazing shots anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Safety Systems.

The Air 3 cuts no corners in video quality, or safety. DJI has equipped with Air 3 with APAS, allowing it to avoid obstacles, or stop if a crash is imminent with a object. The Air 3 also has return to home which can be triggered with the push of a button.

Endless Possibilities.

DJI's Air 3 is great for beginners or semi-professionals. Whether your looking to get family photos and videos on your next vacation, or your doing real estate photography the Air 3 is ready with its rigged design, and up to 46-Minute Flight time.

Taken With Air 3.

Check out our showreel for the DJI Air 3 and get a idea of the capabilities of this drone.

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Ready to Fly?

With Air 3 you are bound to capture immaculate footage regardless of your experience level. Regardless of your skill level or use case, the Air 3 is a great choice for new pilots, or seasoned veterans and anybody in-between.

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