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ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!
ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!

Phantom-4 Multispectral RTK Enterprise Drone | Drone Dynamics Enterprise Solutions

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P4 Multispectral features a gimbal-stabilized imaging system composed of one RGB camera and a multispectral camera array with five narrow band sensors - including red edge and near-infrared - that are capable of capturing visible and invisible light. This data gives trained professionals unique insights into vegetation stress, soil composition as well as water salinity and contamination. An additional integrated spectral sunlight sensor maximizes the accuracy and consistency of data collection during missions flown at different times of the day.

Seamless integration into the DJI Ground Station Pro flight planning app allows pilots to switch between real-time views of the drone's RGB video camera and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) output for immediate insights while in the field. An integrated RTK positioning module and TimeSync system support real-time, accurate positioning data for each image, optimizing photogrammetric results and providing centimeter-level accurate measurements.