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ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!
ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!


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Unlike its brother the TB50, The TB55 packs more punch with power. With an increase in the density of the battery cell, this allows the TB55 to have more power than the TB50. Like the TB50, the TB55  has a built in 70W self-heating system. Its performance in low temperature environments has been optimized with a built-in 70W self-heating system capable of heating itself to 41°F (5°C) every minute. This feature can be switched on manually or automatically. Within the management unit of the battery, it can autonomously monitor the power status of the battery. In doing so, allows the user to have access to all information such as battery level and battery temperature.


Flight Times Based on Camera:

X4S (35 minutes)
X5S (33 minutes)
Z30 (32 minutes)
Z30+XT (28 minutes)
Z30+XT+RTK (25 minutes)
Z30+X5S (26 minutes)
Z30+X5S+RTK (23 minutes)

Capacity: 7660 mAh
Voltage: 22.8 V
Battery Type: LiPo 6S
Energy: 176.93 Wh
Net Weight: 885 g
Charging Temperature: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
Operating Temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
Max Charging Power: 180 W

*Battery duration is recorded in an ideal flight situation, subject to real flying environments and conditions