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ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!
ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!

LifThor Mjolnir CrystalSky/UTILITY bracket

Original price $52.99 - Original price $52.99
Original price
$52.99 - $52.99
Current price $52.99
Brand new UTILITY bracket for LifThor Mjølnir Tablet Holder for DJI MAVIC series & Autel EVO!

Our newly designed utility bracket allows  DJI Crystal Sky devices (5.5" / 7.85") to be mounted extremely sturdy without any chance of losing your prefered angle.  

This kit does not include the LifThor Mjølnir Tablet Holder itself - but it comes with our ConnecThor USB to Type C cable to connect your Crystal Sky to your controller. 

In addition you could mount any HDMI monitor, for example the FeelWorld FW279 2200nits Ultra Bright monitor if you are using the Autel Live Deck setup for Autel EVO drones.

DJI Mavic pilots could also enjoy using this monitor for extreme brightness if connected via an WiFi HDMI converter solution. Please contact us for details regarding that.