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ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!
ZMO Pro VTOL Drones now in-stock!

Drone-Sky-Hook Bundle Release & Drop PLUS with Searchlight for DJI Mavic 2

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The revolutionary Drone-Sky-Hook Bundle:  Release & Drop PLUS device with the super High Intensity LED Searchlight for DJI Mavic 2 unleashes your imagination for exciting adventures!

The innovative and unique design (U.S. Patent No. 10,933,995) makes the Drone-Sky-Hook Release & Drop PLUS device the most sophisticated and best Deliver & Drop device available today for the DJI Mavic 2 series drones. It allows your DJI drone to carry variety of payloads that can be precisely transported and then released & dropped above a specific target area.

The High Intensity LED Searchlight enhances your DJI Drone Low-Light and Night Flight experience to shine bright light on objects as far as 330 feet (100 Meters) away to mark and illuminate points of interest on the ground. The Searchlight Gen 3 provides a better view of your DJI drone’s position and orientation in the air, under low light conditions or total darkness.

The Drone-Sky-Hook Release & Drop PLUS device has a remote-controlled AUX Channel to control the Searchlight Gen 3 or your third-party devices by remotely switching them ON or OFF during your flight.

Take your drone experience to the next level! With unlimited range, you can separately release & drop the payload or turn ON / OFF the Searchlight or external devices by simply rotating your drone (in this case, no linkage to the drone’s front LED light is required) or by pressing the C1 or C2 button on the DJI drone remote controller. Prepare to be amazed as the device’s high-tech brain does the work for you!

Connect-And-Fly in seconds! No modification of any kind to the drone is required! No tools needed! The Drone-Sky-Hook Release & Drop PLUS device and the Searchlight perfectly fit the DJI Mavic 2 series drones and will not interfere with the DJI Mavic 2 VPS sensors that remain fully operational.

The Release & Drop PLUS device or the Searchlight can be mounted and operated independently of each other. Independently mounted Searchlight can be manually controlled only.

The small size, light weight, self-contained smart device allows you to lift maximum payloads for Exciting Fishing Adventures, Search and Rescue Missions, Educational and Fun Activities.