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The history of DJI.

The history of DJI.

DJI, founded in 2006 has now become a iconic name in the drone industry controlling over 70% of the global drone market. We will take a dive into DJI's history and how it all started.

The Phantom 1 (FC40)

DJI'S Phantom line is by far the most recognized drone of all time, with a large white body with two red or gold strikes on the propeller arm its Indistinguishable from any other drone. This iconic drone frame started gaining traction with the initial Phantom 1 Released in late 2014. This drone was equipped with either a GoPro mount, or a built in 720p/30f camera. The Phantom 1 was one of the first consumer drones with a price tag of $379 USD. The phantom 1 (or P1) was widely accepted due to its features at the time compared to other similarly priced drones.

Phantom 2